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Main Street Hub Reviews

Alert: Main Street Hub Lays Off 451 People

Now may not be the best time to sign with them
Main Street Hub Reviews - Are they right for your restaurant?

Main Street Hub is a social media management company located in Austin, TX. They manage social media accounts for small businesses and were recently acquired by hosting behemoth, GoDaddy. Here are the most recent Main Street Hub Reviews as found on Google in 2019.

DO NOT USE! It all seemed great at first. The customer service was pretty good, they were prompt. They had a nice photographer come out, ect. We decided to cancel with them due to having a in house Marketing Coordinator, it just wasn’t worth it. One thing they advertise is them paying for Ad’s on Yelp. Come to find out they sure didn’t waste anytime starting the Ad’s back up on our Yelp account but failed to be the responsible party to pay for them! We didn’t catch it right away that our card was being charged for the Ad’s and now we have spent almost $1900 in unwanted Ad’s. When we called to get this taken care of their response was “we don’t save your card information, you already had your card information attached to your account. You’ll have to take that up with Yelp.” They lie to get your money! Be careful!!!

James Townsend

If you’re looking for more information on Main Street Hub pricing and services, we’ve got a page for that too! Now, on to more Main Street Hub reviews:

Awful experience, these people do not know what they are doing and fail at communicating well with their clients. They put up an ad live without my approval, they failed to follow through on the long list of promised services, and then they failed to refund me after cancellation. They will just roll out a long list of excuses on why their services are not executed or fail to meet expectations. If they put in as much time on my campaign as they did compose long emails full of excuses perhaps I would have gotten what I paid for. Maybe they were a better company before being acquired and they are just coasting off of that reputation now. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY HERE!


This program is set up to keep you in front of all social media avenues with fresh, original content and it achieves that with very satisfying results. I highly recommend the crew at Main Street Hub!

John Pickren

Social High Rise and Main Street Hub are certainly major players in social media management, but there are other competitors as well. Go check them out and then come back for some more Main Street Hub reviews:

If I could leave a negative star review I would. 75 days in and no progress. Lots of excuses. Lots of inexcusable mistakes. The level of incompetence is staggering. I have never spent so much money on absolutely nothing. If you want your business to fail then call these people up. My 5 year writes better than their writers. Sad.

Joel Greifzu

Main Street Hub has over 400 reviews on Google at the time of writing, so there are lots more main street hub reviews to read out there.

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