Why You Should Consider Utilizing Slack at Work

Imagine the beauty of an empty email inbox at work. No internals memos, no back and forth emails about projects – nothing. If you’re having trouble imaging this, you’re probably not using Slack.  If you’ve never even heard of Slack, it’s essentially a collaborative tool that can replace your team’s internal emails and take communication … continue reading

How to Brand Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page: 101

facebook branding tips

You’ve probably heard the term “branding” thrown around in marketing conversations quite a bit. If you’re unfamiliar with what it actually means, here’s a little refresher: branding is a way of identifying your business and showcasing how it stands out against the competition. It’s essentially how your customers visually recognize and experience your business. That’s … continue reading

Perks of a Pet-Friendly Office

Here at Social High Rise, we love our pets! In fact, we ask every new employee if they are a dog or cat person (for the record – dogs are still winning).  Since a majority of our staff has furry friends, we’re easily able to accommodate a pet-friendly environment with our open-structure office. It’s been continue reading

Make the Most of Your Work-From-Home Day

On-paper, work-from-home-days can seem like a dream. And in many ways, they are! Not having to get dressed or even brush your hair, responding to emails with your dog sleeping next to you – these are all things that bring a sense of peace to what may be a hectic workday.

But work-from-home days can … continue reading

Four Ways Social Media Benefits Your Restaurant’s SEO

how social media benefits SEO

Four Ways Social Media Benefits Your Restaurant’s SEO

Social media and SEO have a complicated relationship status. It’s kind of confusing and usually hard to explain.  So,  what’s the reason for all these mixed signals? Well, Social media doesn’t directly effect SEO in the same way that 2 + 2= 4. It’s a bit murkier … continue reading

Webinar Alert: How to Use Instagram for Your Restaurant

If you browse through Instagram on any given day, one thing is abundantly clear: people love to take photos of what they eat! So, as a restaurant, it’s crucial to have a drool-worthy Instagram feed to ensure you’re encouraging customer loyalty AND attracting new business. Plus, if you’re consistently posting high-quality, engaging content, you’ll be … continue reading

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