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Social Assist

Set It and Forget It Social Media for Restaurants

Social Media for Restaurants

Empower your customers to shoot photos for you

Easily collect and post customer photos to your restaurants' Facebook page. Ever have a difficult getting photos to post with? Empower your customers and employees to submit their photos for use in promoting your business on social media. Start gathering customer generated content!

Social Media for Restaurants

In-App Coaching Makes Sure You're Doing Your Best

We'll keep you on track by reminding you when to post and what to post about. It's important to post consistently to social media with engaging and relevant posts so your customers view you favorably. We'll help you do it!

Social Media for Restaurants

Easily Post to Facebook and Feature Customers

Everyone loves to get credit for their hard work. Your customers will love that you thought enough of their photography to feature it and gave them a shoutout for it. Start creating lasting connections.

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