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Introducing ReviewAssist (Beta)!

We’re taking our decade-long commitment to helping restaurant owners respond to reviews to the next level… Introducing, ReviewAssist.

No more trying to figure out exactly how to respond to that one negative review. No more neglecting your customers who leave you great reviews. No more crummy online customer service.

We’ve responded to tens of thousands of restaurant customer reviews since 2012. Trust us, we’ve seen it all. We packed all our years of expertise into our AI so it can draft the perfect review response better than any chatGPT tool out there (and better than most humans, for that matter).

What does ReviewAssist do?

ReviewAssist monitors your Google reviews, composes AI-drafted responses, allows easy approval, and saves you a massive amount of time.

Why Join Our Beta?

It’s free and cutting-edge, but not for everyone. Yes, you’ll have a seat at the table, and your feedback will directly impact how we build and improve ReviewAssist. But keep in mind, ReviewAssist is in beta, which means it’s still a little buggy and may even draft a funky response from time to time, and if that’s not for you, no hard feelings.

Our Ask

We’re giving you ReviewAssist for free and all we ask in return is that you:

  1. Give us your honest feedback. We can’t build your dream tool if you don’t share your dreams with us. 😉
  2. Write us a testimonial if you like the tool. 😇
  3. Keep it real. 🤜💥🤛

Request to Join the ReviewAssist Beta Program


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