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Simply the best way to manage social media for Latin restaurants

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They take all the emotion of anger and frustration away from responding to customers. They handle everything for me and are always professional and level-headed. It takes a ton of worry off my shoulders.

El Charro Mexican Dining

Managing social media for your restaurant is a full-time job

​We'll save you time by doing it for you.

Creating content, managing your community, replying to customers, monitoring performance. It can be a lot. We're an extension of your voice and service online so you can focus on running your business.

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We get it - Not everyone is a social media expert

​​We've spent years managing social media exclusively for restaurants. We've got you.

Believe it or not, there's actually a right and wrong way to do social media. Our ​techniques center around building authentic relationships with your ​customers online, not spamming their timelines with memes and generic captions. We're real ​human beings ​who know what works online and what doesn't.

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Dedicating employee time is distracting and expensive

As a reader of El Restaurante Magazine, partnering with us will save you money.

​Restaurant owners often spend more money than they realize when they ask employees to manage their social media accounts. Your employee’s time and focus costs real money - by partnering with us you’ll spend less on managing your social media accounts while providing better service to your customers both in-house and online. And with your exclusive El Restaurante Magazine package, your savings are even greater.

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They take an extra load off my shoulders. Their team has been a huge help! They're extremely professional and helpful.

Amanda Rivas
Cilantro's Parilla y Cantina

Custom-tailored help exclusively for El Resaurante readers

$199/mo Facebook and Instagram management for El Restaurante reders, only. For a limited time, $100 OFF your setup fees!

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$199 $99 one-time setup fee.

Facebook Features

  • Claim/Optimize Facebook Business Page

    We create or convert your Facebook business page and/or location pages and enhance your online presence by adding relevant descriptions, buzz words, links, hours of operation, and aesthetics to match your brand.

  • Publish Custom Content

    We create 2-3 customized, authentic posts per week based on relevance and analytics. We love to champion loyal customers and followers by highlighting the photos they take while in your restaurant, and show appreciation for their work! We also cross-promote your social media platforms and encourage your followers to visit your website and other social channels.

  • Customer Outreach

    Your customers want to communicate with you through Facebook! We'll take the lead in responding to their comments, reviews, messages, and questions on Facebook, and provide them outstanding customer service.

  • Community Outreach

    Customers love to support restaurants that support the community they live in. We'll engage with and help you show support for local organizations, businesses, and vendors because this is what social media is all about -- connecting with your community!

Instagram Features

  • Create & Optimize Profile

    We'll create and optimize your profile with relevant descriptions and buzzwords, creating a cohesive feed that makes your restaurant instantly recognizable. If needed, we'll create a branded hashtag for your customers to regularly engage with.

  • Publish Custom Content

    We'll create customized posts 2-3 times per week, adjusting content based on engagement rate and analytics. Using customer-generated photos, we’ll authentically capture your brand and get your customers excited to engage with you online!

  • Engage with Customers & Fans

    When your customers ask questions or comment on your posts, we'll be there to answer and reply to them. We'll also engage with the pages of local community organizations that you have relationships with.

  • Increase Exposure

    We'll research and use industry-related hashtags to increase post engagement. We'll also regularly interact with and 'like' relevant photos, and follow appropriate pages.

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