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Online Menu Management

Keep ALL Online Menus Accurate

You don’t want customers looking at online menus with outdated menu items or prices, right? It’s frustrating for you and your customers. Especially when you can’t control where your menus show up online. We’ve solved that problem with SocialMenu -- our online menu management service. Your restaurants’ menus are displayed across dozens of online platforms, including Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, 3rd party delivery services, and more. Any time you make a change to your menu – whether it’s pricing, seasonal cocktails, or an entire lunch menu – simply email your dedicated Social High Rise account manager and we will take care of the rest! There’s no limit to the number of changes we’ll make and no added fees for our service. We will ensure your menu stays accurate and up to date across all online platforms.

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Website Menu Integration

It can be a challenge to keep your website menu accurate. Some webmasters charge you for each change you submit to them and the turnaround time can sometimes take a while.

We’re here to take over your website menu management! In addition to updating your restaurants’ menus across all online platforms, your dedicated Social High Rise account manager will also take care of making changes to your website menu quickly, frequently, and without any extra fees.

86% of diners check online to browse a restaurant’s menu before going to the restaurant. When choosing a restaurant, 49% of consumers make their decision based on the menu.

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Keep ALL Business Information Accurate

Incorrect online business listings are costing you customers. 43% of businesses in the US have at least one incorrect or missing address across major online directories. We’re here to fix that! Your dedicated Social High Rise Account manager will ensure your restaurants’ business information is accurate across more than 80 leading online maps, apps, search engines, and social networks to drive more traffic online and offline.

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Attract New Customers: Tell Your Story Online

Online business listings with rich content (photo gallery, menus, descriptions) receive 45%-61% more views. Your dedicated Social High Rise Account manager will ensure your restaurants’ business listings are rich with relevant information, including restaurant history, chef, owner, and/or manager biographies, Happy Hour specials, and more! We’ll also ensure engaging photos, videos, and other aesthetics are displayed across online platforms so potential customers will have the opportunity to see what you’re about before they visit.

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