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Is GoDaddy Social Shutting Down?

In case you didn’t hear, GoDaddy Social just laid off over 450 of their employees. The layoffs took place primarily in the sales and support teams, which isn’t a great sign for GoDaddy Social or their clients. Social High Rise does everything that GoDaddy Social does (but WAY, way better because we only manage social media for restaurants). And right now you get your first month for free when you switch to us. So rather than “go down with the ship,” now is the perfect time to set up a call with us to show you exactly what partnering with us would look like and get you going from there.

Whether you take us up on the offer or not, you’ll still get a ton of advice and ideas for how to manage your social media; specifically right now during this whole corona virus situation. The time is now to get started.

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