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Meet The Interns

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise

Written by: Killian Abuan and Whitney Urmann

“The best interns won’t just produce great work — they’ll get to know their coworkers and truly immerse themselves in the office culture.” – Rachel Gillett, Business Insider

Social High Rise is not just a social media agency – it’s a support system, a creative pool fueled by talented and compassionate employees, and most of all a breeding ground for growth and infinite possibility. To be a part of Social High Rise (SHR) is to laugh way too much, play copious amounts of kickball, to be challenged and to continuously learn. Our interns are hard working individuals from many different backgrounds that contribute to the success and diversity of our agency.

Meet Elena | Administration Intern


A student a CSU, Chico, graduating with a degree in Economics, Elena has admired SHR since the moment she walked in on her first day. She is the backbone of our company by insuring that we have everything we need to surpass expectation in day to day activities. Elena is a definite dog person and occasionally brings her new puppy, Zeus, to the office to say hello. Advice for future interns: “Get ready for fun! And really put in your time because it is worth it”

Q: What’s the strangest talent you have?
A: Candy Crush…. I beat the whole game
Q: Favorite office snack?
A: Bagels!!

Meet Bryce | Software Development Intern


The technical brains of the intern team, Bryce is a sophomore Computer Science major at CSU, Chico. From building our company website to helping others with tasks such as embedding videos, Bryce is an extremely valuable asset to Social High Rise. Currently, he’s working on rebuilding our company software, Krob 2.0 and it’s been his favorite task so far! Two skills he’ll take away from his internship is, “Back end web development and CSS programming” Advice for future interns: “Just keep coding!”

Q: What’s the strangest talent you have?
A: Not stressing out.
Q: Favorite office snack?
A: Oh the jerky. Totally jerky. Unless you count the Nacho Bar we had at Open House.

Meet Alanna | Social Media Intern


A Business major with an option in Marketing at CSU, Chico, Alanna hopes to move to San Francisco in the near future to pursue a competitive career in sales. Alanna has always loved the quirky open environment of Social High Rise and one of her favorite memories so far is when “Elena, our admin intern had surgery on her leg and wasn’t able to go up and down the stairs, so members from our team had to carry her up and down from the office when she came into work.” Now that’s teamwork! She works hard to assist Account Managers day to day with Twitter and Yelp accounts, and she’s amazing at it. Advice for future interns: “HUSTLE. When you go into work always give it your all, always be on your toes. Working in a fast paced environment has taught me how to not only get work done, but to get it done efficiently.”

Q: What’s the strangest talent you have?
A: High intensity interval workouts
Q: Favorite office snack?
A: Beef Jerky

Meet Whitney | Social Media Intern


Whitney is currently a senior at CSU, Chico pursuing a degree in Journalism: Public Relations. Consistently coming up with creative ways to promote Social High Rise, her most recent task is creating an interactive map of every client’s location. While assisting Account Managers in their management of Yelp, Whitney also jumps on board with any photo editing and design opportunities that arise. She’s a hard worker and brings a creative slice to the Social High Rise pie. Advice for future interns: “Throw yourself into the mix, don’t be afraid to make friends and take on projects.”

Q: What’s the strangest talent you have?
A: I can write an essay on any topic and any length in under an hour
Q: Favorite office snack?
A: Goldfish!

Meet Killian | Social Media Intern


Graduating in December, Killian is ready to put her Journalism: Public Relations degree from CSU Chico to good use at an agency in a fast-paced and exciting city. At Social High Rise, Killian is a superhero. She not only manages Yelp accounts and helps with management projects, but is the go-to intern for creative blog ideas as well as taking company photos. She immediately fell in love with the company culture (and the free snacks) and hopes her future employment practices the same values that Social High Rise does. To all the future interns Killian advises, “Don’t be afraid to voice ideas and most of all jump on every opportunity given! It’ll be worth it!”

Q: What’s the strangest talent you have?
A: I can spin my arm around 360 degrees.
Q: Favorite office snack?
A: Jerky, jerky, jerky and JERKY

We may be young, but together we’ve experienced a whole lot:



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