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Video on the rise: INSTANT.ME

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Editor: Lindsay Ashcraft

As announced at Vidcon 2016,  INSTANT is a new website accessible on mobile and desktop browsers that revolutionizes the way we view videos. Created by Time Inc., INSTANT is dedicated to covering fashion, entertainment, food and notable social media industry trends in short memorable videos called Instants. INSTANT is also a part of People, EW network and Hellogiggles, so we can expect fresh, relevant pop culture content that requires no application download, just a quick type into your address bar. Screenshot

So, what exactly is it?

A site of continuously updated videos created by and for the digital artists of YouTube, Instagram, YouNow, (which the industry is now referring to asThe New Famous.”) What makes this site a bit different is there are no search, follow or like features. Instead, videos are displayed in an easy scrollable fashion, allowing the viewer to switch between various industry highlights at the blink of an eye — the quick and highly visual interface is clearly catering towards millennials and Generation Z. Business Insider describes it as “designed exclusively for mobile web, with 100% video content, as well as all native and branded advertising, INSTANT delivers a fluid video stream allowing the audience to engage with content immediately, intuitively and without interruption.”


Another social media site? Why use it?

It’s not an application, therefore it requires zero download and storage use and anyone can access it without creating an account. A.K.A this won’t take up storage data on your phone and you don’t have to waste time creating or signing into an app, so it’s really great for those of us with little patience. (Two points to Gryffindor!) One can ingest various industry highlights ranging from social media trends to covering election news via short videos. Plus, have you seen it? It’s the new Candy Crush of social media platforms. It pulls you in and leaves you wondering where the last 3 hours of your day went.


Who’s on it?

Since INSTANT is owned by Time Inc., you can expect content from their 50+ diversely owned companies such as People, Sports Illustrated, InStyle, Time, Real Simple and Southern Living, etc. One of their key launch collaborations featured a Degree Deodorant campaign creating a Degree Dance Off series where choreographers such as KK Harris and Dana Alexa teach quick dance routines that’ll make you want to get on your feet. Essentially, brands and online stars now finally have a place that’s being marketed on a Fortune 500 level.

img_6199 unnamed

Where do we see this going?

It’s all too early to tell, as the site is barely a few months old. While the video content is flashy and addicting already, we’re curious to see how INSTANT will set itself apart from other social media sites enough to really “stick” with users enough convince them to be loyal visitors in a sea of competitors.

Have you visited before? What are your thoughts?

P.S. Here are our favorite videos so far:

“You Should Follow” features up and coming socialites.

“Cooking Light” features short and delicious recipes.

“Nano News” gives updates on world events and news.

“Stupid Cute” showcases the cutest, furriest and friendliest animals.

“Just the Tip” allows for quick guides on how to grow within the industry.

“The INSTANT Mix” unveils rising music and top-notch covers.

Like what you see? Check out the latest instants here:

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