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Perks of a Pet-Friendly Office

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Here at Social High Rise, we love our pets! In fact, we ask every new employee if they are a dog or cat person (for the record – dogs are still winning).  Since a majority of our staff has furry friends, we’re easily able to accommodate a pet-friendly environment with our open-structure office. It’s been a positive perk for employees and pets alike. 


There have been many studies relating to the benefits of pets in the workplace and we can attest to each and every one of them at Social High Rise. What are the benefits you ask? While there are many, we’ve rounded up our top 5 reasons  to consider bringing your dog (or cat) to your workplace:

Stress Relief

It’s a well-known fact that stress levels naturally fall when pets are around. It’s quite hard to be overwhelmed by work when a dog stops by your desk for a  friendly hello.  In any work environment, it’s easy to get lost in your work and caught up on details that are small in the long run. Having any type of mental break allows an employee to clear their mind and gain perspective on the issue at hand.

Encourage Breaks

We mentioned stress relief and gaining perspective, but taking breaks is a great way to recharge your brain as well! Taking small breaks actually increases productivity, focus, and creativity in the workplace. Having a pet in the office means taking breaks to take the pooch on a walk or quick playtime with the office cat. This gives an employee a probably much-needed break and also increases employee happiness, which we’ll talk about next!

[IG: ItsDougthePug]

Improves Morale

Dogs have the ability to lift moods, improve happiness and reduce stress. Everyone needs a pick-me-up sometimes and the presence of pets makes coming to work each day more exciting and enjoyable. As an added bonus, bringing pets to work can often makes the time seem to pass more quickly (as very scientifically reported by our own employees at Social High Rise). 

Employee Interaction

Think of it as a team-building exercise. At Social High Rise, when the dog needs a walk, you can bet a group of us will volunteer to take him/her out. Pets in the workplace give employees a great excuse to interact and engage with one another. Office environments are much more positive when employees are comfortable around each other and pups are a great way to break the ice, especially for new employees. 

pet friendly office

Work/Life Balance

Having your pet with you at work allows you the flexibility to complete projects – even if that means working late or going in early without having to worry about whether or not your pet is taken care of.  Plus, as we discussed above, having your pet at work means you get to take a couple breaks in your day which can be super beneficial to your mental clarity in the long run. 

doug the pug

[IG: ItDougThePug]

So, what’s the motto here? Bring your pet to work and make the office a better place!

Bonus: We can’t get enough of pets around here so here’s a few extra photos of our staff and their loveable pets, just for fun:

dogs in the office

Do you prefer a pet-friendly office environment? 


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