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An Interview With CEO Mark Sorenson

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise

Joe Mckenna, affectionately known as “The Web Guy” hosts a weekly Saturday-morning radio show called The Digital Revolution Radio Show where he and his team give digital marketing advice to small businesses ranging from building and running websites to SEO and web marketing. Joe also co-founded Cloud Wise Academy which teaches people the latest in-demand technology skills.

Joe invited our founder & CEO, Mark Sorenson onto the show recently to talk about his background and share his thoughts on the role social media plays in digital marketing for restaurants today. The interview gives a glimpse into Mark’s background and history, including:

  • How and why Social High Rise started
  • His team’s philosophy on social media and why it’s very different than that of most traditional marketers
  • His approach to creating a successful partnership with restaurants

There’s also a ton of ideas for creating engaging content for your restaurant! Want to hear it all in his words? You can listen to the full interview below, or download to listen to later.


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