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Why Being Lazy with Your Restaurant’s Online Info Will Cost You Big Time on Google and Yelp

Oh, hey there. So, you might not know this, but it turns out, 94% of people have used a business information site to find info about a local business in the last year. Yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. And if your restaurant isn’t on top of its online game, you’re pretty much throwing away loads of potential business. In this article, we’ll discuss how to not suck at keeping your restaurant’s info accurate on Google and Yelp, and some local SEO tips. Plus, we’ll chat about the dangers of having incorrect or missing information about your restaurant online. Spoiler alert: it’s not good.

What the heck is ‘online listing management’ and ‘local SEO,’ and why do they matter for restaurants?

Online listing management is basically just making sure your restaurant’s info is the same everywhere on the internet. We’re talking about your restaurant’s name, address, phone number, hours, menu, and amenities (aka everything).

Local SEO is when you optimize your website and all your online listings to make it easier for people in your area to find you. And there are over 75 different apps, maps, and search engines where you can have a listing and all your info needs to be exactly the same. Both of these things are super important for restaurants because they’ll help you get new customers and make your business grow. Duh.

Since people are using the internet more and more to find their next meal, if your restaurant isn’t at the top of the local search results, you’re missing out on potential customers. Period. Managing your online listings (read: keeping all your info straight online) makes it easy for people to find your restaurant when they search for it online. And local SEO helps make sure your restaurant is at the top of the search results when people are looking for restaurants in your area. Investing in both of these things can help you reach more guests and make your business grow. Get on it.

The dire consequences of having inaccurate or missing information about your restaurant online

Yo, it’s important to get your restaurant’s info right on the internet. As I just mentioned, there are like 75+ different apps, maps, and search engines that people use to find restaurants, so you gotta make sure your listing is accurate on every.๐Ÿ‘ single.๐Ÿ‘ one of them.๐Ÿ‘ Otherwise, you’ll lose customers to your competitors.

And if your info is wrong or missing, you’ll probably get bad reviews too which is super bad for business and can lower your overall star rating. And if your star rating is low, Google will penalize your restaurant and it won’t be as visible online when people are searching for places to eat. It’s a vicious cycle so trust us when we say, it’s worth it to take the time to make sure all your listings are accurate and complete. Yeah, it’s a lot of work, but the consequences of not doing it are way worse.

How to step up your restaurant’s online game with accurate listings and effective local SEO

If we didn’t make this point clear enough, your restaurant’s online presence is a big deal for a few reasons. First, people will probably search for your restaurant online before coming in person. Second, your online listings give people all the info they need about your restaurant, like your hours, contact info, and menus. Finally, accurate and up-to-date listings help improve your restaurant’s local SEO, which means you’ll show up in more search results.

To boost your online presence, start by claiming and verifying your restaurant on major platforms like Google, Yelp, Yahoo, and TripAdvisor. Then, make sure your listings are complete and accurate, including your restaurant’s name, address, phone number, hours, and menu. After that, create and optimize your presence on the other 75+ apps, maps, and search engines that Google crawls to see how strong your presence is and keep them updated when stuff changes.

By claiming and verifying your business on every platform imaginable, you’ll make sure people can find accurate and up-to-date info about your restaurant online. Easy peasy.

Extra tips for maintaining an effective online presence for your restaurant

โ€ข We already totally went over this one, but make sure your restaurant is listed on all the major directories and review sites like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. Don’t forget to include accurate info about your location, hours, menu, and amenities. Jeez.

โ€ข Use Facebook and Instagram to share all the rad things happening at your restaurant, like special promotions or events. Don’t forget to post regularly (like, 2-4 times per week) and talk to customers who mention your restaurant.

โ€ข Make your listings better for search engines by adding relevant keywords to your content. Include your menu (cuz that has ALL your keywords), and add photos and videos to give people a sneak peek of what they can expect at your restaurant. Obvi.

So there you have it, folks. Follow these tips and watch as your restaurant’s online presence goes from mediocre to epic. And with all those new customers coming through the door, don’t be surprised when your business explodes with success!

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