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3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Restaurants

3 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Restaurants

So, it’s the millennium and you’re still not too keen on whether social media marketing is important for your restaurant. You’re actually not alone. In a Cornell study, restaurants that had no plan to use social media said that social media was a bad fit and they “preferred interacting directly with their clientele.” Others were just plain skeptical and some simply lacked knowledge of how to do it.

Think about all those great moments you had as a customer at your favorite restaurant, or perhaps you have a memorable dining experience from a trip you went on… do you remember how you wanted to tell everyone? Maybe you documented the experience because everyone from the host to the server made your time there feel special. It’s a safe bet that your customers feel the same way about your restaurant, too.

Social media marketing for restaurants isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’re still skeptical, stick around. We’re going to lay out three reasons why it’s important for restaurants.

Social Media Lets You Show Your Menu & Restaurant

According to Ryan Olahan, Google’s Managing Director of Food, Beverage & Restaurants, there are more than 1 billion restaurant searches on Google A MONTH.

Every day, there are countless number of people who are searching for “your restaurant + today’s menu,” “your restaurant + burgers” or something similar. One of the top ways to make sure your restaurant appears in their search is by posting on social media about your menu.

That post could look like a great pic of your dish of the day, or maybe you had a great crowd turnout and everyone there loved one particular dish.

As cities, counties and states are starting to open up, be assured that they’re looking for information from restaurants like yours. If you want to keep your clientele abreast of any changes to our hours and/or methods of operation, social media is a great tool to just that.

It DOES Let You Talk to Your Clientele… and Listen

We just talked about how social media marketing is a great way to let your clientele know about goings-on at your restaurant.

But it’s not a one-way street.

Potential and regular customers are talking regularly not just AT but TO restaurants like yours. Every once in a while, we love to give a shout-out to our favorite burger place because… we LOVE their burgers.

In that same vein, a customer may have a legit customer service question and, if you’re relatively active, then it could just be the easiest way to get in touch with someone at your establishment.

There are more than 1 billion restaurant searches on Google a month.

Ryan Olahan, Google’s Managing Director of Food, Beverage & Restaurants

Another way that customers are using social media with restaurants is that there is talk about their experiences there – both good and bad. Sometimes they could be live tweeting an issue they’re having and tagging you to make sure that it’s resolved. Or maybe they’re just went Facebook Live because your place ‘LITERALLY’ has the best Shepard’s pie or the nicest host. A restaurant that’s regularly present on social media can take advantage of that kind of 2-way communication.

Social Media Marketing Is a Great Way to Brand Your Restaurant

Well just lay it out for you here: your restaurant probably isn’t the first of its kind. There’s already a coffee shop/book shop or a burger restaurant. That’s not a bad thing. One of the great things that’s come out of a relatively competitive restaurant market is how niche you can be (or not be).

And obviously, a great way to do that is by branding your restaurant and leaning fully into what makes it unique on your social media platforms. Now that’s going to look different depending on your goals. A new establishment that’s hip and trendy and is based in a college-town, might want to focus on creating Instagram content.

A bar or gastropub that regularly hosts shows and other kinds of events can focus on social media event listing sites like Facebook Events. And on the night of your shows, you can tag the band or act performing, take a few great pics or video and entice clientele who are looking for your establishment. That way you’re branding your establishment as this great place for music or comedy or dancing, or whatever your niche happens to be.

Many times, social media can get labeled as an echo chamber. But there are always people who area looking for somewhere to eat, somewhere to grab a drink, a place to propose, or a place to just get away in another city. You’ll want to make sure that your restaurant is present on social media and that you’re interacting with potential and current clientele in ways that establish your restaurant as the place to be.

If you’re convinced that social media is absolutely essential for restaurants but it still sounds like more work than you’d like to do, we get you. Maybe you didn’t get into the restaurant business to spend your days on the computer. Maybe your passion lies in menu development or in franchising. If this sounds like you, let’s get connected and we can take care of social media for your restaurant. We assign a real human being to you and they act as part of your organization, creating new content, replying to reviews, and making sure you are more active online than your competitors. It’s a true set it and forget it solution and we’re ready to help you get back to what you really love doing. Get started with Social High Rise today.

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