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The Importance of Mental Health Days

Written by Brooke Major

Over the last three months, our personal and work lives have completely changed thanks to COVID-19. This pandemic has brought unsettling stress, unlike anything most of us have ever experienced. Our society has been getting exponentially more aware of the effects that stress has on our body and mind, but a pandemic can easily throw the most stable of minds for a loop. At Social High Rise, our culture allows us to manage stress by taking necessary mental health days. Our unlimited paid vacation policy helps people feel at ease doing this. It’s not only important but essential to take a day off when you need it! 

We manage social media for restaurants and we’ve seen up close how the industry is being affected. Having to double-step and adjust your entire business model is stressful, to say the least. No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to be aware of the possible effects the pandemic might be having on your mental health. All of our working environments have shifted and while working from home has it’s perks, it can also lead to overworking. If you’re experiencing overbearing physical or emotional exhaustion, anxiety, depression, or other severe conditions here are a few reasons you need to give yourself a day off:

Decreased Stress Levels

Increased stress levels have the ability to negatively affect your body. And now more than ever, we need our health! Our bodies can handle small doses, but if stress becomes an ongoing event with no breaks, it can have long-term consequences. A day off to practice mind and body self-care will decrease stress levels, coming back to work the next day rejuvenated!

Increased Productivity

Focus is key when performing essential duties. Quality is important, especially here at Social High Rise! If your mind is constantly wandering, you’re probably experiencing burn out and should consider taking that mental health day. Taking a day off will let your emotions settle and provide you with a better chance of success. A true mental health day means no checking emails or Slack notifications. No cheating! You’ll thank yourself later.

New Perspective

Many jobs require the utmost creativity. In our office, Account Managers are constantly creating original content for our clients that’s not only authentic to the client but engages their followers. While it’s great to exercise creative abilities, it can also be difficult to keep the momentum and continuously churn out new, high-quality content. By taking a mental health day to reset, it can increase levels of creativity.

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One aspect of Social High Rise that I absolutely love is that we promote a healthy work/life balance. It’s important to remember that work is not your entire life. Yes, it is a big part of being financially stable and building experience, but there’s more to life than a 40+ hour workweek. Even though we cannot go very far given the current travel restrictions, a ‘staycation’ can still get the job done and relieve your mind of unwanted stress.

Practicing self-care to decrease stress levels is mandatory for a beneficial mental health day. Meditate, go outside, journal, and remember to stay connected to yourself. In the middle of a global pandemic, it can be extremely difficult not to worry, but it’s important to remember that while you cannot control the situation, you can control the way we handle it.

Remember: our mental, emotional, and physical health are as important as our jobs. Take that day off and replenish your mind. Stay healthy!

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