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3 Ways Restaurant Social Media Marketing Companies Can Help Your Restaurant

Restaurant Social Media Marketing Companies

Whether people are looking for somewhere to safely dine out or looking for a place with great take out service, one of the first places they’re turning to is social media.

According to a survey by restaurant marketing agency, MGH, 45% of US diners have tried a restaurant for the first time because of a social media post made by the establishment itself, and 22% of US diners return because of a restaurant’s social media posts.

One thing’s for certain: social media has a HUGE impact on where diners choose to spend their money. So now that you know how important social media is, here are 3 ways restaurant social media marketing companies can help your establishment.

Brand Awareness: Think of your brand like a calling card.

Social media for restaurants can help get the word out about your establishment to large numbers in your area, plus it can help attract repeat business.

A great restaurant social media marketing agency can carry whatever your brand’s aesthetic and niche are through to your social media. For instance, if you’re a classic neighborhood pizza place, an agency could focus on how well connected and beloved your establishment is in the community, with a focus on repeat diners and customers’ favorite menu items.

On the other hand, if you’re a hotel bar with a great city view, known for great evening jazz and an uptown clientele, a restaurant social media marketing agency can focus on slick shots of musicians, clientele and interesting new drinks.

Whatever the look and feel your restaurant goes for in-house, should carry through to your social posts, that way customers will know exactly what they’re getting, whether they’re looking for “casual burger bar,” or “late-night jazz and drinks.”

What you’ll see with consistent brand awareness, is follower growth and engagement as well as an increase in traffic as more people get talking about, and interacting with, your brand on social media.

More Customers

As we just mentioned, great brand awareness can lead to more followers… it can also lead to more traffic and an increase in orders.

A restaurant social media marketing agency can help your establishment turn that growth and engagement into more. By actively and consistently using social media, a marketing agency can help your restaurant get more foot traffic into your restaurant and more online orders placed. Think about it – we’re living in world that’s increasingly online. 50% of diners are influenced by social media. And, according to Ryan Olhand, Google’s Managing Director of Food, Beverage & Restaurants, there are more than 1 billion restaurant searches on Google A MONTH.

With your restaurant posting consistently across social platforms in a way that speaks to and elevates your brand, diners will definitely be able to find you.

Build Credibility

Remember the mid 2010s, when Yelp was huge and a series of reviews could make or break a restaurant? That particular platform may be struggling to survive, but the importance behind it is still very important: diners care about credibility.

Restaurant diners rely on social media for restaurant recommendations, so when your restaurant pops up in their feed, they want to see that you’re posting regularly, that your food and establishment looks good, and that guests are as engaged with you as your restaurant is with them.

If you’re not posting regularly, they may be less likely to engage, and if you are posting regularly, but people aren’t interacting, they may be less likely to engage. This is where a restaurant social media marketing company comes in.

A robust social media presence that regularly posts engaging food/dining photos that convey its brand, is one where a potential diner is more likely to go. But doing it on your own can be too big or intimidating a task to take on yourself. Or, hiring someone in-house could be too expensive.

Our restaurant social media marketing agency offers comprehensive social media marketing services that can help your establishment thrive. Staying at the forefront of social media is one way to make sure your business continues to thrive, even in this world of COVID uncertainty. Get in touch with us and learn how to get started.

How Restaurant Social Media Marketing Companies Can Help

If you’re convinced that social media is absolutely essential for restaurants but it still sounds like more work than you’d like to do, we get you.

Maybe you didn’t get into the restaurant business to spend your days on the computer. Maybe your passion lies in menu development or in franchising. If this sounds like you, let’s get connected and we can take care of social media for your restaurant. We assign a real human being to you and they act as part of your organization, creating new content, replying to reviews, and making sure you are more active online than your competitors. It’s a true “set it and forget it” solution and we’re ready to help you get back to what you really love doing. Get started with Social High Rise today.

Did you know?

We've been managing social media accounts for restaurants since 2012. For almost a decade, we've partnered with restauranteurs who are serious about using social media to generate business. Whether you're a good fit for our service or not, let's schedule a call and we'll give you free personalized advice on how to improve your social media presence. Either way, you'll walk away from the call more confident about your ability to promote yourself online - completely for free.

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