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Main Street Hub vs Social High Rise

Alert: Main Street Hub Lays Off 331 People

Now may not be the best time to sign with them

Main Street Hub is a social media and email marketing service for small businesses that started in 2010. It was purchased by GoDaddy in 2018 and has been re-branded GoDaddy Social. Its headquarters are in Austin, TX and it has a sales office in Manhattan, NY. Main Street Hub offers social media management for Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google Business, Instagram, and TripAdvisor. In this overview, we’ll cover items such as Main Street Hub pricing, features, and more.

Main Street Hub offers a variety of services and features:

  • HubTargeter
  • HubManager
  • HubReputation
  • HubSocial
  • HubSite
  • HubMail
  • and more…

HubTargeter is a service to reach out to potential new customers on Twitter.

HubManager is an account manager who is a customer’s dedicated point of contact, along with two others who perform work on a customer’s account.

HubReputation is a service to update and monitor a customer’s Yelp and Google Business profiles, as well as respond to customer reviews.

HubSocial is a service to update and monitor a customer’s Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare profiles. Features include creating content, responding to customer comments & questions,

HubMail is an auto-generated summary of social media content that can be sent to customers.

Main Street Hub is designed to be a solution for small businesses in various industries, including activities & events, automotive, health & wellness, home services, hotels, nightlife, pets, restaurants, retail, and spas & salons.

Social High Rise and Main Street Hub have very similar features but are distinctly different in important ways.

Differences Between Main Street Hub and Social High Rise

Industries Served. Social High Rise has expertly designed its service exclusively for restaurants & bars. Main Street Hub has no particular specialty and offers services for a wide range of industries.

Quality of Content. Social High Rise creates original content from scratch that is unique to the culture, personality, goals, vision, and voice of the restaurant it represents. For a restaurant, this is extremely important since the primary purpose of having a social media presence is to engage your customers authentically. Main Street Hub shares generic industry-related posts from a pre-created library which is intended to be funny or witty.

Examples of Main Street Hub Facebook Posts:

Example of cheesy Main Street Hub Facebook Posts.
Circular Collage - Main Street Hub FAIL

Social Media Philosophy in Practice. Social High Rise believes that social media should be used as a tool for delivering outstanding customer service, delighting customers, showcasing community involvement/support, championing loyal followers, and utilizing critical feedback to shape and improve business practices. This philosophy is deeply rooted in our company culture and social media best practices and is reflected in the quality of the work we perform. Main Street Hub uses automation for the bulk of the work they perform, which often undermines the very nature of having an authentic social media presence.

25 Degrees Huntington Beach Facebook Post

Examples of Social High Rise Facebook Posts:

Super Duper Burgers Facebook Post
Burma Superstar Facebook Post

Customer Support. When you sign up with Social High Rise, you get paired up with a dedicated account manager who becomes your personal social media partner. They are available via phone, email, and text. For restaurateurs, this is important due to their busy, and often unpredictable schedules. Main Street Hub currently provides an email and phone number for your account manager and a nationwide support number to call if you need to talk with someone about your account.

Main Street Hub Pricing

Main Street Hub offers three plans. All plans have a one-time set-up fee of listed at $499. All plans include management of Yelp, Google Business, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Value Plan includes one email campaign per month. The Prime Plans include HubMail & HubSite.

Starter Plan: $499/month

Value Plan: $599/month

Prime Plan: $799/month

Social High Rise Pricing

Social High Rise offers four plans and also allows you to modify and add-on features to your plan to make sure you’re getting the exact services you need. All plans include a dedicated social media expert, one-on-one strategy sessions, success metrics, and more!

Customer Service Plan: $249/month

Customer Experience Plan: $299/month

Customer Delight Plan: $449/month

The Enterprise Plan: Call for Pricing

Read more about Social High Rise features and pricing.

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