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Efficient Instagram Updates You Might be Missing Out On

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Author: Kyra Stemplinger, Social Media Intern

Instagram is said to have around 400 million active daily users. As its numbers continue to climb, this increasingly popular social media platform is enormously effective in regards to spreading content around the globe. There’s no doubt that Instagram is one of the most efficient ways for a business to reach its audience, and with constant updates and add-ons keeping it helpful and relevant, Instagram is here to stay. The big question is, are you getting the most out of your Instagram right now?

Here are three recent updates that change the way you’ve previously experienced Instagram:

Engagement through Facebook

A recent update allows for Instagram users to monitor/respond to their posts through Facebook. This is a huge win for social media users who prefer Facebook’s usability over other platforms. There are now more than 50 million small business owners using Facebook to connect with their customers. Linking Instagram to Facebook simplifies the social media process so that everything can be done on one web page. This is great for those 50 million+ business owners because it can be beneficial for time management, especially those who prefer desktop navigation rather than mobile. Less clicking, more businessing.

Threaded comments

Talk about keeping things organized! With its newest update, users can forget the messy, confusing comment format of the old Instagram. Threaded commenting means conversations on posts will be more efficient than ever. Adpresso put it simply: threaded comments make replies easier to access and reply to.  And fast, clear client to customer interactions lead to stronger relationships and customer loyalty. The new format of comment replies is indention, making the experience more visually organized. To then view a thread, the user would have to click on “view replies.” That way,  long, messy comments and conversations are condensed which is a cleaner experience for both the user and the business. 

instagram threaded comments

Image via: Instagram 

Polls on stories

There’s no better way to please the customer than to do exactly what they want. Now, with another new update allowing for polls on Instagram stories, business owners can ask their followers what they’d like between two options. Those options can be yes, no, or edited to be more specific. This new feature not only makes things more interactive by allowing voters to see results right away, but it also offers another way for business owners to reach out to their clients to gain insight and build brand interactions. Plus, Instagram offers users the ability to customize their polls, making it a fun way to keep customers involved in business affairs.

instagram polls

Image via


Behind every business are friendly-faces making it run, so it’s always a good idea to remind your customers of this! Showcasing your humanity ultimately strengthens business loyalty and support. There’s no better way for business owners to reach customers than to be responsive on social media — and Instagram is consistently improving its communication means to make things easier for business owners to do so. Keeping things consolidated, organized and interactive are three huge tools for bettering customer connections, and these new updates allow for just that.

Have you been using Instagram’s newest updated features?

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