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How to Brand Your Restaurant’s Facebook Page: 101

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You’ve probably heard the term “branding” thrown around in marketing conversations quite a bit. If you’re unfamiliar with what it actually means, here’s a little refresher: branding is a way of identifying your business and showcasing how it stands out against the competition. It’s essentially how your customers visually recognize and experience your business. That’s why your social media branding should be easily recognizable and true to the personality of your business. Everything you do is a reflection of your brand, from your website and logo to the uniforms your staff wears. Your social media sites are no exception! Having an easily recognizable brand will help attract both loyal and new customers alike.

Let’s talk about some of the branding basics for your restaurant’s Facebook business page.

Profile  Picture

This should be your company’s logo. Why? It’s something professional that your customers (and maybe even people who haven’t been to your restaurant) know and will automatically feel connected to when they see it. Make sure the logo you upload to your Facebook page is high-quality, clear, and cropped correctly.

Cover  Photo

You cover photo is a wider image that appears at the top of your Facebook page. Since your logo is your profile picture, we recommending using an eye-catching image that’s landscape style for your cover. You can get creative with this and really try to think about what aspect of your business you want to showcase. It could be an appetizing photo of your food, a picture of the owner(s) of the business and/or the staff, or a really nice shot of your beautiful space to highlight ambiance. You can also try creating a collage to combine multiple photos and elements into your cover photo. And don’t sweat it too much, you can always switch your cover photo whenever you want,  as much as you like!

About  Section

Facebook allows restaurants to input a LOT of details about the business on their site (unlike some platforms – we’re looking at you, Twitter!). Make sure you take advantage of this to help inform your current and prospective clients about what you have to offer. Fill out as much of the About section as you can. At the very minimum, make sure you have the following listed on your Facebook page: address, hours, story, and menu. Making your About section as robust as possible will help people find your restaurant when searching on Facebook and even Google.


Last but certainly not least, the content you post on behalf of your restaurant is probably the best way to show your followers who you are and what sets you apart. Your content should be conversational and should match the tone of your restaurant. In order to stay top of mind without annoying your Facebook fans, you should post 2 – 3 times a week on Facebook. Be strategic in the images and captions that you use – utilize them to remind people why your restaurant is unique. Get creative, let your personality shine through, and be authentic!

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How much does your Facebook page reflect your restaurant’s overall brand?

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