How to Keep Up With Trends in Social Media

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As Social Media Account Managers, we field burning questions from clients and curious public alike. Questions like “what are the hot button trends?” or “which platform would suit my businesses needs best?”

In truth, the internet only cracked thirty years of age just the other day and social media platforms as we know them have only been present for about fifteen of those years, making most of us younger than the platforms we’re a source of authority on.

Part of our duty to our clients, and to ourselves as professionals in an ever-changing landscape, is to keep up by staying informed. Today, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite ways to remain afloat in the vast sea of information.

Attend a Conference or Webinar

The great thing about conferences for any business you’re in is it’s a chance to brush up on the latest news in your industry. When it comes to social media, if you’re not living in an area where one is held, you can most assuredly attend one online. Conferences focus on the latest and upcoming trends, so be sure to check the lineup of speakers, and if you’ll be getting information relevant to your needs as an attendee. If you’re looking for some great resources for your restaurant’s social media needs, check out Social High Rises’ own webinar series, here. A live Webinar can be a great chance for you to get those burning questions we mentioned earlier, answered!

Set Yourself Alerts

Being in the know has never been easier with the advent of “alerts” via Google, or following trending hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Google Alerts assist in streamlining information you want to pay attention to. For example, you could set a Google Alert for ”social media for restaurants,” like in the example pictured below. You can choose to follow the most relevant posts in a day, week, month, etc. and have them sent in one lump sum to your email, keeping you ‘alert’ to the latest news for this topic. This free tool ends being bogged down in outdated information, making news [on those hot button trends] quick and accessible.

Follow Social Media Blogs

The single best piece of advice for staying educated about social media is by following the masters. There’s a wealth of great advice blogs and bloggers out there sharing insights into the digital world. We at Social High Rise love to provide our own tips and tricks of the trade to everyone. Other reputable sources for the latest in digital marketing trends are the following blogs:

Being aware as to how you can best use the web to your advantage begins with educating yourself. We hope you found these tips helpful in gaining a bit of enlightenment into the digital age!

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