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Why You Need A Social Media Manager

Social Media is an empowering tool for your business. Reaching beyond the restaurant walls, it allows you to speak with your customers directly. If you’re not the one behind the scenes as the voice of your brand, then who can you be sure will get the job done right? This is why you need a dedicated social media manager.

How to Be A Cat on a Keyboard

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise

It seems to be a universal rule among the cat-community that all furballs of the feline-kind are to report immediately to keyboards across the world, at the most inopportune moments. Purr-haps the most essential and underrated accessory in the digital age is the keyboard cat. Look out for it in Apple stores near you. If […]

How to Keep Up With Trends in Social Media

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise

As Social Media Account Managers, we field burning questions from clients and curious public alike. Questions like “what are the hot button trends?” or “which platform would suit my businesses needs best?” In truth, the internet only cracked thirty years of age just the other day and social media platforms as we know them have only […]

How To Use Twitter to Get New Customers

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise

More than the pitter patter of birdies’ beaks, Twitter functions as the primary source of real-time news updates for over 330 million people. The spreading of information through this platform allows for quick, real-time examination of an event and the ability to spread news of that event like wildfire. Twitter allows you, as a business […]