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Snapchat Tips for Your Restaurant

Snapchat Tips for Your Restaurantuniversity-press

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has grown into a multi-platform communication tool and continues to dominate the social media game. Sending 1-10 second pictures and videos, sharing moments and creating stories are just a few of the many features that make this application one of a kind. Surpassing Twitter, 150 million users are snapping everything from what they had for lunch to unforgettable life moments. With 60% of 13 to 38 year-olds using Snapchat, it’s crucial to flirt with the idea of creating a strong relationship between your restaurant and Snapchat users.

Here are 3 Snapchat tips for your restuarant:

1. Your Restaurant is UNIQUE, Showcase your Culture!

From the charm of the physical restaurant down to the magic created in the kitchen, every dining experience is unique. Introduce and highlight your staff to create a personal connection with customers, teach a quick recipe or showcase something unique about your restaurant’s culture. Everyone wants to be a part of something and successfully utilizing Snapchat will bring the customers experience beyond the table and behind the scenes.


2. Give Sneak Peeks of New Menu Items or Guest Favorites

Grow your following on Snapchat by using the My Story feature to show sneak peeks of upcoming menu items and dishes. This allows your customers to feel a part of something special and new, in turn strengthening the bond between the restaurant and customer. By reaching a larger audience and cultivating relationships through Snapchat, you’re single handedly driving more business into your restaurant one snap at a time. Confused by Snapchat jargon? Check out Mashable’s beginner’s guide for Snapchat.


3. Create and Use Geofilters!

On-Demand Geofilters are quickly becoming a creative way to advertise for businesses. Users can snap a photo of themselves, their meal, or anything around them in your restaurant and apply a trendy geofilter of your creation. These geofilters can be used for anything from special events to holidays or daily deals, the possibilities are endless. However, this great advertising tool does come at a cost that varies based on location, date and time frame.


Still not sure where to start?

  • Hand over the restaurant Snapchat to a trusted, social savvy employee for an in-house takeover.
  • Use Snapchat’s quick videos to ask your customers questions to engage with them and ask them to snap you back!
  • Get creative! Host a giveaway, a scavenger hunt, etc.
  • Be social! Follow other businesses to get an idea of how you can use this platform.

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