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Webinar Alert: How to Use Instagram for Your Restaurant

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If you browse through Instagram on any given day, one thing is abundantly clear: people love to take photos of what they eat! So, as a restaurant, it’s crucial to have a drool-worthy Instagram feed to ensure you’re encouraging customer loyalty AND attracting new business. Plus, if you’re consistently posting high-quality, engaging content, you’ll be staying at the top of people’s minds, giving you the ultimate edge against competitors.

But let’s get one thing straight: Instagram isn’t just about pretty filters and instant shares, it’s serious business. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of 2017 over 70 percent of brands will have business profiles on Instagram, making it a major slice of the marketing pie for successful businesses, especially restaurants.

That’s why we’ve been working hard to create a jam-packed webinar on “How to Use Instagram for Your Restaurant”. We want to empower restaurateurs with the skills to seamlessly navigate Instagram, fully use its features to maximize results and post content that gets noticed for all the right reasons. Here’s just some of what you can expect when attending our Instagram webinar:

Learn how to create a business profile

We’re breaking down each step, so you can experience the benefits of having a business account. Once set up correctly, a business profile enables you to run ads, view insights to track progress and so much more.

How to use Instagram’s features to their fullest potential

Boomerangs? Stories? There’s always a new feature to use and it can be hard to keep up. We’ll get you completely up to speed so you’ll be a pro at navigating Instagram in no time!

What to post: good and bad examples

The hardest thing can be figuring out what to post that will both appeal to your current followers and attract new ones. We’ll help provide you with tons of examples and tips to get the ideas flowing!


You didn’t think we’d leave you empty-handed after the webinar, did you? You’ll receive a free BONUS e-guide sent to your email address with very specific tips to increase your post engagement, including a comprehensive hashtag guide(specifically for restaurants) to really boost your post’s visibility.

Remember: More Engagement leads to more business. 

Did you know?

We've been managing social media accounts for restaurants since 2012. For almost a decade, we've partnered with restauranteurs who are serious about using social media to generate business. Whether you're a good fit for our service or not, let's schedule a call and we'll give you free personalized advice on how to improve your social media presence. Either way, you'll walk away from the call more confident about your ability to promote yourself online - completely for free.

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