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Why Your Restaurant Should Be Using User-Generated Content

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Who are you most likely to trust when it comes to deciding where to eat — real people sharing their opinions through social media or a website? More often than not, people are being swayed by the first option. This is precisely why user-generated content (UGC) is such a valuable concept for businesses. So, what exactly is user-generated content anyway? It’s online posts for the people, by the people!  Pictures, videos, tweets, pins, testimonials, and blogs are all examples of user-generated content and it’s often — but not always — created and shared via social media networks.

When restaurants use UGC, they’re showcasing their business in a truly genuine way. So if you’re a business owner, picture this: a pool of endless creative content posted by your customers that reflects your business exactly as you intend — that’s UGC. The global takeover of smartphones started this and it’s completely changing the marketing game. Here are three undeniable benefits you can expect if your restaurant starts using UGC:

It’s Trustworthy

In the current climate of marketing oversaturation, trust can make or break a sale. Business Insider stated that 92% of consumers trust UGC content more than traditional advertising — that’s a huge opportunity for restaurants to utilize! Reposting content with credit to your customers can make them feel special and encourage them to be advocates for your restaurants. Your customer’s experience is a key part of your business’s story, so why wouldn’t you recognize the conversation already being generated online?

You’ll experience increased engagement on social media

Photo via @belennovoa_ on Instagram.

People are more likely to engage with content that resonates with them personally — and what’s more relatable than seeing a guest’s photo of what it’s like to sit at a table at your restaurant? Not only do user-generated photos showcase authenticity in a way that a beautiful, professionally curated photo cannot, UGC really showcases that you care about your customers enough to pay attention to their experience. Since more than half of consumers consult social media before making a purchase and 84% of millennials have stated UGC specifically influences their purchases, having a relevant social media presence is what will keep consumers flocking to your door.

Your posts will be memorable and stick with customers

Photo via @ceci_eats on Instagram.

People are constantly exposed to advertisements they’d rather tune out, so it makes sense that people are going to be more inclined to listen to a friend’s recommendation over a traditional ad. Using user-generated content is a way to one-up the marketing industry with a relatability factor that can’t be faked. This mentality is what makes UGC content really “stick” with consumers because your customers can translate the customer experience better than anyone. If your restaurant is creating content that’s memorable, you’ll be generating more exposure for your restaurant with the right kind of customers. It’s a win-win!

What we do at Social High Rise

We utilize UGC to extend relationships and truly capture a genuine customer experience. It’s so much more than just a white-background-stock-looking photo, it’s showcasing the real images customers post online to make connecting with your business effortless. Combine this with a dedicated Account Manager who is quick to respond to customer conversations, reviews, and inquiries and you’ve just put yourself way ahead of competitors in the customer service game. We use proprietary software to find great customer photos and conversations to feature on our restaurant client’s social media pages and their followers love it! You can explore a bit more about what we do here:


Have you considered using user-generated content for your restaurant?


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