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Celebrating National Holidays the Right Way: A How To Guide

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Happy National High Five Day! Say what? There’s no way that’s a real day…. is it? Chances are another National Holiday has passed and you had no idea it even existed. Welcome to the world of national holidays. These days it seems like there’s a celebration of every food, person, or drink imaginable. Some can be really fun and relevant to participate in, and others not so much.  It may be difficult to decipher which ones you should post about on your restaurant’s social media pages and which ones you’ll want to ignore. Lucky for you, I’ve broken down the right way to celebrate below!

First things first,

How do I find out which national day is being celebrated?

Great question! My go-to site for National days is none other than Here you’ll find every national day imaginable such as National Cookie Day, National Lumpy Rug Day or my personal favorite: National Dog Day. Woof! The site is easily accessible and breaks down the days by “today”, “tomorrow”, and “month”. You can also check out

Which days should I post about?

This is where most people get lost in the excitement and post about days that have absolutely nothing to do with their business. Most of us love dogs, but what do dogs have to do with your upscale Italian restaurant? Chances are not much. My point is, it’s totally okay to pick and choose which days you want to post about; in fact, I hope you’re extremely picky about it. At the end of the day, you want each post on your social media platforms to represent your restaurant and be in line with your services.

Example: If you’re an Italian restaurant here are some fun days you can post about: National Wine day, National Pasta day, or National Breadstick day. Yum.

So, what shouldn’t I post about?

Let me make it simple for you:

  1. Do not post about it if it doesn’t have anything to do with your restaurant, community or something you support.
  2. Don’t post stock photos, if you can avoid it. With smartphones and Instagram, it’s easy to repost customer photos (be sure to give credit) or snap your own at the restaurant.

What are some Fun ways to celebrate?

  1. Offer a discounted menu item the day of
  2. Create a signature drink/dish featuring the item being celebrated
  3. Decorate the bar
  4. Have your servers dress up

And most importantly, have fun. After all, days like National Margarita day only come once a year!


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