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How to Reach More Millennials Using Social Media For Your Restaurant

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise

According to Forbes “How To Tap Into The Millennial $200 Billion Buying Power With Social Media”, it’s said that by 2018 Millennials will have the most spending power of any generation. The good news is that they’re spending that money dining out. In fact. Millennials typically dish out a whopping $2,921 annually to eat out. And their sweet tooth for social media is just the icing on the cake. This is good news for your restaurant and heightens the importance of connecting with this generation online. Especially given the fact that 62 percent of millennials appreciate when brands actively engage with them on social media. It’s the key to building brand loyalty and driving more millennial business through the doors of your restaurant. Accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course Yelp are all important for staying well connected!

Let’s start leveraging your social media to have Millennials “eating out” of the palm of your hand.

Instagram- Visual and Interactive Menu

Pizza, pasta dishes, juicy steaks or macaroons– whatever you offer, Instagram will help you showcase it, so let Instagram be your visual and interactive menu. It’s by far one of the best ways to display the assortment of dishes and drinks your restaurant offers. If you love to take time with your presentation, Instagram is a great option for you. It’s at the top of our list, not just as a glorified platform with 700 monthly users but, 59% of its users are millennials. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to post original photos along with spotlighting those taken by customers. Build brand loyalty by reposting photos from customers with credit and respond to any concerns they might have through direct messaging. For tips on the best apps to help with this check this out.

Twitter- 160 Characters worth of Promos

Second on our list is Twitter. According to a study by Investopedia, 61% of Twitter users are millennials. Making it another great choice to connect with this target demographic, It allows you to spread news, in real time, as it’s happening in 160 characters or less! So if you love quick and concise messages twitter may be a great way to get in front of those millennials. A promo could look like these two example posts: are just some of the ways you can add quick broadcasts.

“We go together like Cheeseburgers and $5 craft beer wells. Enjoy this special all weekend long. Cheers!

“This Valentine’s day marks our 30 years, so let’s celebrate! When you purchase a meal for two, we’ll throw in a tiramisu for free! #loveissweet

Lastly, Twitter is another perfect way to interact with customers through mentions, as stated before, millennials expect to receive online customer service so if they mention a dish or how they had a great lunch at your diner, take some time to respond with a “thank you”. It shows you care about their opinion and who doesn’t want to feel their opinion matters? It’s just good customer service.

Facebook- Traditional and structured

Ahhh Facebook the OG of social media– for the millennial generation– It has its own unique perks. An estimated 85% – 89% of them still use facebook. Below are a few more reasons your guests would love your facebook; even though millennials like food and spending, they’re still a bit picky. But Facebook keeps them connected with their closest family and friends. This comes in handy since millennials are more likely to trust their friends and networks regarding restaurant or product reviews. Use your posts to get the right kind of attention and organic interactions will naturally increase.

Yelp- Reviews and Transparency

If you value online customer service, an open dialogue with the opportunity to clarify in-house practices, and menu accuracy, then Yelp is the best avenue to speak to millennials. There’s a reason our Account Managers at Social High Rise reply to every single review for their clients – negative or positive, customers deserve to be acknowledged. This can open up an opportunity for honest dialogue and give you customer insight into common complaints so you can then address them in-house.

Leveraging each of your social media accounts is the best way to connect with the tech-savvy millennial customer, not only because of their high purchasing power but because they love spending that money at restaurants. Here’s a recap: Instagram will be the best tool for reposting user-generated content making your customers feel a connection. On another note, Twitter allows short and quick promos, while Facebook is the best way to utilize your customers family connections because they’re more likely to spend money where their circle of friends recommends. And lastly, Yelp will always be the best tool for transparency with your customers to consistently receive in-house feedback.

How are you using your restaurant’s social media to connect with millennials?

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