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Facebook Ad Objectives: Which is best for your business?

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If you understand the power of Facebook Ads, you know that they can be extremely beneficial to growing  businesses.  When used correctly, they’re  incredibly useful in reaching target audiences, increasing page traffic/likes and promoting new products, specials or events. Because of their complexity, Facebook Ads can be somewhat confusing to navigate – even if you do understand their power. To narrow down your focus when creating a Facebook ad you’ll need to first determine your business’s objective. Creating a clear objective will help guide you through creating an effective Facebook ad and maximizing the desired results. 

To save you time, we’ve outlined the three main Facebook ad marketing objectives and when to use them:


You’ll start with the Awareness objective if you want to generate interest in your product or service. The Brand Awareness objective is used to target people who may not know about your brand, but are more likely to pay attention to the ad since they have related interests listed on Facebook. You can track how many people actually view your ad by using this feature as well. While Reach, on the other hand, helps you show your ad to people who live nearby or are located within the general area of your business, regardless of general interest. This is best used for people who want to generate buzz about their business locally, or hence the title, spread awareness about their brand. 


The second category in Facebook ad objectives is Consideration. In other words, objectives that get people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it. You can select Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views & Lead Generation. Some of these subcategories are self-explanatory, like App Installs & Video Views, so it’s just narrowing down which choice is best for you.

With the Traffic Objective, you can easily drive people to your website or any destination off of Facebook. App Installs take people out of Facebook to the App Store to download your app, which is a fantastic feature for restaurants that have an online ordering app that people may not know about. Next is Engagement, which aims to get more people to engage with your business on Facebook. This objective includes post engagement, page likes, event responses and offer claims.


Lastly, there’s Conversion. This feature is great for retailers as it helps drive traffic through your doors, which hopefully results in people spending beaucoup bucks! This section can be confusing because you’ll need to set-up pixels from Facebook to your website or app. Once you’ve done this though, it’s worth it to have an online ad through Facebook, driving people to your product or service to make purchases. Have you ever seen posts in between your news feed that says “Suggested for you” with products you would definitely be interested in? It’s happened to me on multiple occasions. For example, I would have never have considered buying a towel that didn’t absorb sand if I didn’t see their mystifying Facebook Ads. That’s the power of Facebook ads at work right there!

Facebook ads are a fantastic way to get more people interested in your brand, product or business. Now that you have an overview of Facebook’s Ad Objectives, what objective do you think would best help you reach your business’s goals? Defining this is the first step to maximizing results!

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