How to Promote ‘The Big Game’ on Social Media

So you’re planning an eventful day at your restaurant for Super Bowl Sunday. Maybe you’re offering specialty cocktails and food specials for the occasion. You might have even splurged this year and purchased the NFL Ticket to get people coming in for games. When it comes down to advertising for Game Day, avoid using the words “Super Bowl” and “Super Sunday” at all costs. Or it might actually cost you!

These phrases are trademarked by the NFL and could land you in a legal battle if you use them for promotion. To better understand the do’s and don’ts of Super Bowl promotions, we’re sharing a handy guide from DSM Marketing Group, written by Jason Diller, that gives an excellent overview of the Super Bowl Trademark & Copyright Laws: 2018 Edition.

We typically stick to using the “Big Game” as a safe substitute in our social media posts. DSM suggests coming up with new ways of telling people about Game Day to showcase your creative side. What ways can you think of to draw people in for the Big Game at your restaurant? We’ll start: “Just here for the commercials, chips & beer. Join us on Game Day!”

Read the full 2018 Super Bowl Trademark Guide here: Super Bowl Trademark & Copyright Laws: 2018 Edition.

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