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Webinar Alert: How to Create Better Facebook Content for Your Restaurant!

Social Media for Restaurants - Social High Rise


Alright, friends — here’s a cold, hard fact about social media:

If you’re posting to your restaurant’s Facebook page and getting zero engagement (likes, comments, shares), then you’re wasting your time.

And I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that time is a precious commodity for restaurant owners. That’s why we want to save you from the #struggle and teach you how to create Facebook posts that your customers will love.  Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool to engage with customers and help attract news ones – you just have to know how to use it right.

This all begins with creating great content. If you understand how to think about posting on Facebook, you can start creating amazing content that will directly benefit your business by increasing exposure. To put it simply, zero or low engagement on Facebook means your content just isn’t resonating with your customers — and it certainly won’t help in attracting potential customers. That’s a big problem!

In fact, Empathica research shows that “nearly 3 out of 4 customers (72%) have used Facebook to make restaurant or retail decisions.” Translation: that should up the stakes for having a great Facebook page where you’re posting the exact kind of relevant, engaging content your customers are craving.

Your posts should have a clear purpose and should keep the following in mind:

  • Give people a reason to follow your page, whether that’s insight into what’s happening in-house or simply what makes your restaurant unique.
  • Posts should serve as reminders to visit your restaurant, so they need to be memorable, not sales-y. Seriously, people tune-out posts that sound like ads.
  • Give people a reason to choose you over your competitor, but do it with authenticity.

Social media can be your greatest leverage against competitors, or it can be your greatest downfall.

In short, creating great content is incredibly important. While you may already know this, there’s still that tricky issue of figuring out what to post. That’s why we’ve been working hard on an exclusive webinar to help restaurant owners create better Facebook content. Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • The philosophy behind how you should be thinking about social media
  • Quick, straightforward tips you can easily use while creating Facebook content
  • What great content looks like (a.k.a do this!)
  • What bad content looks like (a.k.a avoid this!)
  • Tips to think about what kinds of posts will work for your restaurant

We’ve helped hundreds of restaurants build authentic, engaging Facebook profiles with content that genuinely reflects what makes their business unique, and helps to make them stand out among competitors. Now, we want to share our knowledge so other RESTAURANTS can do just that.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you definitely won’t want to miss our webinar on June 22nd at 2:00 pm PST. We’ll be empowering you with the right way to think about posting on Facebook and giving you a TON of tips and examples of how to do it yourself — and best of all, it’s FREE!

RSVP to our webinar event HERE. 

BONUS: We’ll be having a Q + A afterwards, so come prepared to ask lots of questions — we LOVE talking about this stuff!

Here’s what our clients are saying about what we do:
“Social Media has never been a strength of mine (shall we say tremendous weakness??) and Social High Rise has transformed my social media platforms AND transformed the way I think about content and advertising… I’m more connected with my customers, more tuned-in to what’s important and more proactive – all because of Social High Rise. Often, in the world of sales tactics and website profiles, what a company SAYS it will do ends up being different than what it DOES do. Social High Rise is the exception to the norm.” -Judy Knoemschild

“The people at Social High Rise always find some creative way to promote our business online. Very good communication from Social High Rise. Excellent!” -Shawn McMillan

We have a very limited amount of seats, so be sure to snag yours today HERE. Can’t make the date above? Sign-up and you’ll receive a recording of the webinar delivered straight to your inbox afterwards, to view at your own convenience.

See you then?

Did you know?

We've been managing social media accounts for restaurants since 2012. For almost a decade, we've partnered with restauranteurs who are serious about using social media to generate business. Whether you're a good fit for our service or not, let's schedule a call and we'll give you free personalized advice on how to improve your social media presence. Either way, you'll walk away from the call more confident about your ability to promote yourself online - completely for free.

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