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An Interview With CEO Mark Sorenson

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Joe Mckenna, affectionately known as “The Web Guy” hosts a weekly Saturday-morning radio show called The Digital Revolution Radio Show where he and his team give digital marketing advice to small businesses ranging from building and running websites to SEO and web marketing. Joe also co-founded Cloud Wise Academy which teaches people the latest in-demand technology […]

10 Tips for Creating a Powerful and Effective Instagram Ad

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Tips & Tricks for Creating an Effective Instagram Ad In an ever-advancing world, where technology continues to race full-speed ahead, it can be difficult to know which industry trends to stay on top of.  Should I be on Snapchat?  Do I need a Twitter account?  Should my business be advertising on social media?  The answer […]

Make the Most of Your Work-From-Home Day

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On paper, work-from-home-days seem like a dream. And in many ways, they are! Not having to get dressed or even brush your hair, responding to emails with your dog sleeping next to you – these are all things that bring a sense of peace to what may be a hectic workday. But work-from-home days can […]

Four Ways Social Media Benefits Your Restaurant’s SEO

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Four Ways Social Media Benefits Your Restaurant’s SEO Social media and SEO have a complicated relationship status. It’s kind of confusing and usually hard to explain.  So,  what’s the reason for all these mixed signals? Well, Social media doesn’t directly effect SEO in the same way that 2 + 2= 4. It’s a bit murkier […]

Instagram Ads: Should You Create Them Through Facebook or Instagram?

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Have you ever run an Instagram ad for your business? Probably not. Have you ever run a Facebook ad for your restaurant? The answer to that question is probably yes, or you’re at least somewhat familiar with Facebook’s advertising services. One more question for you: did you know that you can run an Instagram ad […]

Facebook Ad Objectives: Which is best for your business?

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If you understand the power of Facebook Ads, you know that they can be extremely beneficial to growing  businesses.  When used correctly, they’re  incredibly useful in reaching target audiences, increasing page traffic/likes and promoting new products, specials or events. Because of their complexity, Facebook Ads can be somewhat confusing to navigate – even if you do […]

Announcing New Features & Service Plans

tl;dr: We’re rolling out some exciting new changes to our service plans, including Instagram management, Facebook Ad campaign management, online menu management, mobile sites, and more! Our ongoing mission at Social High Rise is to be the very best social media management company for restaurants in all the land. An important part of fulfilling our mission […]

Webinar Alert: How to Create Better Facebook Content for Your Restaurant!

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  Alright, friends — here’s a cold, hard fact about social media: If you’re posting to your restaurant’s Facebook page and getting zero engagement (likes, comments, shares), then you’re wasting your time. And I’m sure we don’t have to tell you that time is a precious commodity for restaurant owners. That’s why we want to […]

What You Need to Know About Snapchat’s Revolutionary New Update

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From a platform that most people thought was for sending NSFW photos, to a social app that has revolutionized the entire industry, Snapchat has come a long way in a short amount of time. It’s unique idea of the 24-hour “stories” has now been replicated by some of the biggest platforms in today’s high-tech world, […]